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Top 5 Asian YouTube Videos Of The Day - 9/22/2011

#5 LOS ANGELES - ISA FESTIVAL - Oct 1 by WongFuProductions
Views 89,024 | Posted 9/21/2011

I pitched this idea to and, but neither wanted to put something like this together. We probably do not have the clout and connections that Wong Fu and Far East Movement have anyway. CONGRATS to all the ISA organizers!!!

#4 Victor Kim interview with by channelapa
Views 103 | Posted 9/22/2011

Victor Kim has to be the MOST TALENTED ASIAN on YouTube…

#3 “Price Tag” - YTF by victorvictorkim
Views 158,064 | Posted 9/22/2011

#2 FACEBOOK while you FACEBOOK!! by HappySlip
Views 6,701  | Posted 9/22/2011

HappySlip needs to do more videos!!!

#1 Arden Cho “Love you like a love song” (Selena Gomez Cover) by ardenBcho
Views 21,368 | Posted 9/22/2011I’m not a huge Arden Cho fan… but this cover is pretty damn good… How can you not love Selena Gomez?!?!? Oh and David So (guitar player) is awesome!

Honorable Mentions

Epic Noodle Time! by pyrobooby
Views 132,053 | Posted 9/21/2011

[COLLAB] StillNotDavid ft. Cuti3ange1 - Stereo Hearts Remix (Gym Class Heroes) by StillNotDavid
Views 5,503 | Posted 9/21/2011

April Chase - “Time Won’t Tell” (MYX-Rated Live) by MYXTV
Views 66 | Posted 9/22/2011

Storm Glove by Cam4Yeah
Views 1,002 | Posted 9/22/2011

Mortal Kombat Kitana by dope2111
Views 62,001 | Posted 9/22/2011

On The RiseThis is a new section I’m adding… just highlighting a new channel that I discovered and think is worth noting.

How to Make Delicious Bolognese Sauce by CookingForYouAndMe
Views 10 | Posted 9/22/2011

Most Annoying Asian YouTube Video Of The Day

I know it’s important to nurture and give a break to the courageous and talented Asians who are blazing the trail in this budding new media segment, but sometimes I just have to be real…Boys Are Complicated by shimmycocopuffsss
Views 23,535 | Posted 9/22/2011

Sorry Shimmy… your hair annoys me and I don’t find you particularly funny either…

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Top 5 Asian YouTube Videos Of The Day - 9/7/2011

Okay, just to recap what I do on this blog. I subscribe to over 1,000 Asian YouTube channels and I compile the best 5 videos of the day, EVERY WEEK DAY. I also create other Top 5 lists of varying topics. Thanks for visiting!

#5 Mini Comics Are Rad by YellowPerilTube
Views 69 | Posted 9/7/2011

I’m a comic book geek and I’m really happy to see an Asian American comic book artist vlogging!Check out the Yellow Peril web comic.

#4 Tran Can Cook ft Oh My Gogi! Food Truck: TCC Gogi Buns! by TranCanCook
Views 571 | Posted 9/7/2011

Tran Can cook are Houston-based foodtainers. Yes, I just made up that term: FOODTAINERS = FOOD+ENTERTAINERS.

#3 Chinese Guy HATES FOBS!? by pyrobooby
Views 49,126 | Posted 9/7/2011

Do you want to see Peter Chao without sunglasses?

#2 Lil Wayne ft Bruno Mars - Mirrors Lyrics Download (Cover) by JayFluent
Views 7,557 | Posted 9/7/2011

#1 Jay Park ‘Demon (HD Version)’ by ArtofMovementCrew
Views 3,183 | Posted 9/7/2011Jay Park is a Korean-American singer and former member of K-Pop group ‘2PM’.

Honorable Mentions

Mike Song “Orb Concept” Freestyle by mikeosong
Views 6,480 | Posted 9/7/2011

Baiyu: Hawaii Performance and Video Shoot [Behind the Scenes] by BaiyuOnline
Views 248 | Posted 9/7/2011LOOK AT THAT OUTFIT!!!

Plaitwrights: Warning by Plaitwrights
Views 912 | Posted 9/5/2011

I saw this on

A Whole New World - Aladdin Cover by Megan Lee & Ray Lee by cutiepiemeg918
Views 81,549 | Posted 9/3/2011I missed this when it first came out.

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